Singlehood made us best friends:Tyler Perry Sistas

I hope y’all doing well with the new normal, I hope you’re keeping safe and doing what the world decided to give us. I’m in this new age that I discovered parents seek sympathy too and that they deserve it. So i talk to my dad last night and he’s telling me how Kisii has been so cold so i go ahead and ask him if he’s keeping warm with my mom. Also, if they can make some coffee after dinner. If you haven’t gone to Kisii around this time, im letting you know that you should because that place is like the current Nyahururu. Its super cold with lots of mist clouds in the morning. Our conversation goes on and on you know that punchline that parents like.. Dad please wear cardigans and remind mom to keep safe as well.

Just an introductory to remind you to help you remember keeping safe, enjoy your series indoors and finding new hobbies. I mean there’s always a silver lining to everything. Now speaking of, my sister introduced me to this show by Tyler Perry called Sistas. This has been my second favourite show ofcos after Bold type, Power comes third.. I know these are different genres but they all have something in common … Drama

If you haven’t watched it, lemme give you a small preview.. Andy is a divorce attorney with three best friends Sabrina, Karen and Danny. I loove Andy, she values relationships and love, with a great girlfriend circle and takes her job seriously. This looks like my best friend Melissa…talk of hopeless romantics

Sabrina.. Sabrina honestly if i met Sabrina today we’d be best friends. Because we have a lot in common She is the type that tries to find herself, she does take her job seriously but she cares too much about her friends, she’s a little bit susceptible to her friend’s opinions, also she’s this girl that doesn’t have her own voice in relationships and she tries to gather that from her friends. She’s a banker and has access to her friend’s accounts incase you get a big man and he does a big transaction to your account just know that the whole clique knows

I really like Danny, her character is a bit complicated, you see the type that doesn’t want a man to express himself too much and the next moment when the guy doesn’t talk about himself she’s all worried and calling out the guy that’s Danny. Oh and she’s the low grade of her friends.. I lacked the right words to use for broke… I would like this kind of friend cos Danny calls out his friends and their mans to let them know that you aren’t treating my friend as the Queen she is. Did i tell you this girl is a funny and fearless airport employee.

Talk about Karen, she is too vulnerable than what the people who meet her think. She’s so rude to men i almost felt like her mom told her, men are trash and let them know how shitty they can be. She owns a Salon across town, we’re expecting all kind of shade ofcos.

You ever seen that advert for the daily pop on e-Entertainment, “get ready to get a lot of me babyyyy” so a hint of why this makes it to top of my list, i relate with most of these characters, but Andyy, she is the type that’d defend mr mans with every ounce of their soul even if she had a little doubt. She is involved with this man Gary – you know Gary is the guy that would question you about every man you talk to.. Get me right he goes overboard but lemme tell u why i would like this type of a mans.. He always has a plan.

Gary has his ex wife who is trying to bring him down with allegations of money laundering. And we all know how clingy ex wives can be.. So she even had a private investigator to find out what her ex husband is up to. They track down his girlfriends house. The nerve! As if that is not enough they showed up at her place.

Im this type of a girl that’d like the kind of treatment Andy gets from Garry. I mean..i call him a man with a plan so he goes to prison for whatever he’s being charged for but he still sends Andy a million dollars as an apology gift for getting him into trouble.. Ahem.. Ladies if you have this kind of a mans let us know where we can harvest we can as well change our religion

I paused this blog to go watch how cute my little niece is growing, I’m so in love with that little girl cos she looks so much like me. It was also at this time that I have been watching the last episode of sistas. Incase you’re wondering why I’m watching it now is because season 2 just began recently and it has got all these tea that you would not want to miss.

Sabrina, she’s like the Khloe Kardashian in the clique, this is why she’s my fav.. Sabrina can forgive, she’s feeling all guilty even when she’s not. Shes too worried about her friends, she’ll cry with you, she can also beat the crap out of you if you dare step on one of her friend’s boundaries. One thing about this character is they never have a decision of their own.. They can only depend on their friends experiences to find their bearing.. I can only tell you to watch the series.. Also, kindly share your thoughts on who you feel you are in your clique…Sabrina is mine.

Well i know y’all can relate with these type of characters. For men, kindly let me know who’s your poison in the four characters and ladies more ladies please, give us the chance to know who you are btn the four characters. They say if you like it share, like and comment boo❤️


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