My little ray

Hi guys, it’s been a long time coming. I’m sure you’re all wondering why my last blog dates back in 2020. Well, I’ve the tea whether it’s worth the sugar just add it at the end of it haha. Before I put your hopes hi, I want to know how y’all been this last year.

Well mine, I gave birth to an amazing little ray of sunshine back in August 2021. She about to turn a year old in a week. I’m writing this while watching her sleep. She has these cute eyes and little pink lips . Now if you’re wondering if that’s what I love to do no, I just love pressing her chunk thighs while she’s asleep. You see those satisfying cute videos you watch of dermatologists popping pimples that’s how I feel right now.

I’ve to tell you that my experience was a rollercoaster one. I had 16 weeks of pure nausea that’s during my first trisemester and a bit of the second one. I had zero appetite to the point we had a soulsearch for Pizza joints because that’s what my stomach would stomach lmao. Moving forward, I had acid reflux which I was told is because of the baby’s hair that’s growing at that point of pregnancy. Now came to the third trisemester, this one was a smooth one . I ate all I didn’t have hands on during the last two trisemester. At this point, I had embraced my bump and everytime mans asked if we’d step out,I’d just dress it nicely and slay it my way out. And also embracing that I was a going to be a young mom and it might take too long before I get to enjoy another bump again.

Third trisemester was good this one. I’m taking you down the lane fast because the juicy part is not yet up to speed. For men, I hope y’all know pregnancy is 10 months that’s 40 weeks. I’m calling on men because I’m just from listening the Mandera debate and one of the gubernatorial candidate happened to say pregnancy and giving birth is as easy as ABCD, I’m not trying to be disrespectful but Mr excuse me,who gave you a uterus and have you been to any of county clinics Mr,how many times have you watched women give birth?

Ladies if you’ve experienced this last part ,I know some of you still crinch when you remember what you went through and for some it has been different. You heard the word LABOR, yes that one Hun. That was the part where the last trisemester showed me dust . The feeling of dust in your eyes when you press,you press against the dust and the tears start to come out voluntarily. Up to this day, I get adrenaline rush just on the thought of labor. Sometimes when I see a pregnant woman I talk back to myself like does this one know what she’s up to? But anyway down in me I know the grace that women were born with. It’s unshakable, unshielded and unstoppable. I’m just going to show you how.

During the time ,I had joined one of these Facebook support groups of ladies giving birth around the same time. So in my case it was the July/ August group. We’d give each other ideas on what to shop , how to prepare for labor, choosing the right hospital for your delivery, sometimes we’d even share tips on enjoying your relationship during the time. So when July began, we was patiently waiting on each other’s labor, God bless those women for us first time mums,we had enough info from the second or third time mums on what to look out for and the danger signs. So the first mum came , God thank you because I received my blue jet this morning. In this case blue jet means a boy and a pink jet means a girl. That went on for the entire July. I belonged to the august troop since my expected delivery date (EDd) was the beginning of August. I knew I was expecting a girl and there’s a lot of myths about labor when you’re expecting a girl. Like for example, your cramping will be more painful as compared to a mum expecting a blue jet. That you might labor for a long period of time. Anyway I don’t want to presume it’s a myth because I didn’t experience any of those.

Back to my story,my labor lasted 6 and half hours. It was natural except the last half an hour that they had to force dilation through forced contraction. This they do by inducing you either by drip or orally mine was through drip. Man! That was unbearable! Up to this date I keep telling myself and people that there’s no greater pain . The 6 and half hours were btn 9pm and 4.30 in the morning. At around 5am I just saw the nurses close up my bed . If you’ve been to labour you know,the sista sista moments are done and it’s always a relief to see them come to your bed. A few minutes after that, I received my beautiful baby girl through the normal birth. I was speechless and empty. I didn’t know what to say I guess I was experiencing a beautiful gush in me.

Now si I thought babies look like aliens immediately after birth,but my Gigi came out very beautiful. The girl that had me puke for months really knew her worth! She had to lay it out there how expensive she’d look on her first day. Anyway it was such a beautiful moment for me and my entire family and friends.

Amidst the bleeding,I just wanted to watch my beautiful baby girl struggle to open and close her eyes. We were later discharged at the end of that day but checked in to the neonatal unit two days later because she was diagnosed with acute jaundice. Which is very common with winter babies and around the time many babies checked suffering from the same. Haha well,the first time mom I was didn’t recognize any of that, but I was wailing myself out wueh. From the impression I gave, the paeds really understood me and guided me through the entire week I was there and even pressed for the questions I wouldn’t ask because of the guilt that I had asked a lot of them . God bless them.

Fast forward we start watching out on our milestones eating habits, first things first, babies are supposed to be exclusively breastfed for six months without any water but just meds if any given. I’m sure this is supposed to sound like a beautiful journey but postpartum is the worst of being a new mum. From the sore nipples ,leaking breasts, constipation,the baby cries at night. It’s just a new phase! If you had support throughout pregnancy you need triple during this time. With them leaking breasts ,you have to wake up to a very cold sleeping area at night and change your tops, the baby is awake you have to breastfeed until she falls back again. Sore nipples are particularly when you begin breastfeeding,I’d just cry,that thing is painful and it needs an emotionally supportive partner to understand.

The journey throughout our milestones has been beautiful. Now before I share her beautiful smile here. She’s been a ray of light, happiness, love and hope that love comes and it gets you and you will cry at one point because you’re overwhelmed by the love and affection your little one gives you. I’d give a breakdown of the milestones but I’ll do it in another beautiful blog . Now she’s taking a few steps, giving smooches and hugs, I always want to come back to the house because of how her face lits up when she sees mama. Until next week,, me and my little one would enjoy the love you’ll leave us here. Enjoy


Online dating it is.

Guys is it my recent adage or most long distance relationships don’t work? From what I’ve learnt is that most of them don’t end well. Get me right most of them so if you’re in one.. Your story might be different. There’s this dramatic event routine that I’ve experienced. All my friends who I always looked up to in the dating scenario have new mans in town. Little did i know, it was a spell cast and it was gonna down on me any moment.

I saw this meme someone asked do long distance relationships work and i saw a retweet, that they work if the four of you agree to be together lol

Since I’ve to let you know, this spell swept my feet too. Breakups are so underrated. These are days that you wish the world would swallow you whole instead of letting you suffer. There’s this adage I’ve learnt, God puts you through the worst to give you what you deserve. Let me say all that time i soaked my pillows, this line would rash through and there and then i fix my face.

Anyway who’s my baby sister? She’s Berlin that girl would twist your head if you ever get to my nerve only that she has this little adorable body and a damsel face that she wouldn’t want to destroy the reputation.

Fast forward, this girl sent me a cracked version of Tinder she even sent me a thousand bob to use the premium version of it. Haha she’s an IT expert btw. She insisted on it for weeks before i began using it. The drama is here my peeps

I swiped left until i met this guy lets call him Mr S he’s an engineer by profession i had to say it.. Lol do you know the way girls drool over men with careers ahem! That way. He inboxes me. Our little friendship began. I stay in Lodwar so an hour away gets you in a little town in Turkana South called Lokichar.

On this particular Saturday we’ve agreed to meet, I’m not so psyched cos I do not know how these things happen or go down rather not especially in this part of the country where everybody believes everything is indigenous. You know when i came here months ago i knew this place would be a life changer to mean I’ve to get used to arid areas,there’s not so much food, people starve.

Anyway fam, this is just like any good place you’d explore.. Until you went to Eliye springs a day or two you’d wake up in the middle of the night thinking its the North Diani.. The heat

So Mr S, we meet up, if you want to know how i was dressed, put on my Sunday best, this dress gives me a lot of joy and i almost get lucky everytime I wear it. Now we’ll find out if the statement above is a myth or Ann proven statement. My shades come in handy with little mules on my fluffy feet.

I didn’t put on so much make up. Mr S, he picks me up from a certain point meters away from my house, once I get into the car, that’s where i started ticking and unticking all the choices in my wishlist.

We are on our way to Cradle Hotel, so his friend is driving and he’s the boss let’s say I almost thought I landed myself a jackpot. In the car, ofcos the normal goes on, knowing each other since we’re also new to North Kenya we want to know how the places have been for us. And ofcos our driver.. chips in the conversation for a minute and then the silence endures. Mr S starts to talk about work stuff, yaani my ears were so open, he’s like unaona nani manze mimi nataka atoke hiyo ofisi.. I wanted him out like yesterday. Ofcos because its work i wouldn’t understand, and also I tell myself it’s not time to judge.

This guy is sitting in the passengers seat opposite to the driver’s, adjusted his seat, his legs with sandals are up. He’s already stretching his hand to my thighs.. I was so uncomfortable but then again I’ve to be kind so i tell him honestly I’m afraid I don’t entertain whatever you’re doing he feels sorry. Which worked for me.

Oh hey i forgot, this guy is like 5’0 I’m a 5’3 and attracted to dark tall men kalenjin type. You can guess he was off and here i am giving chances little did i know he’s about to crash them all

At Cradle, we arrived, he ordered pilsna, i order coke soda and his friend pineapple – paw paw juice. At this point, he starts to talk about how shitty cradle is, i mean mahn hii ni 5 star ya Lodwar. I’m open minded here, i dont want to be too judgemental. You understand how cautious you can be on your first date unknowingly you might end up screwing up.

Here we met a friend of his, says hi and goes to chill with his family . The now starts to get close. He even pulls his chair close to mine, he’s all touchy touchy trying to know me. Lemme tell you i threw his hand, i really didnt have the time to woe his ass.. His friend notices I’m a little angry and he tries to distract Mr S.

A few minutes into our little silent fight, this time maybe a little overpowered,his way of escaping this, he tells me that if its to happen it will. I mean woow the balls.. So i tell him i don’t know what you mean.. hes response ofcos, you know what i mean. Bruh I’ve never been scared..

Embrace yourself because our little escapade is ending. Mr S calls his friend that we met there.. And tells him si hii bill nmekuachia?As in at this point i was even tired of ticking my wishlist.. Girls if this is just not a sign of bazu bazu bazuu men i really don’t know. My way out is that my conversation with the friend had started being lit.

He’s left with no option but to grab my hand. I declined there’s no way with you Mr S bazuu.He’s offended at this point and the point where I’m supposed to finish my half soda not unless I’ll be left here to call a Nawi ride. We didn’t even take lunch which I was not anticipating cos things were very weird myself just wanted to get Ann away from there.

We get to the car, so if you go to any cradle like hotel, you leave your cars somewhere outside the premises, so all this way to the car Mr S friend makes me so comfortable that I forgot the piece of a man shit. He even asks if I’m comfortable and that he’ll ensure ensure i close the gate to my place in short i got home safe.

I had blocked his contacts by the time I was getting to my place. Long story short is online dating is a no for me. Knowing and having a littu similar history with similar things in it is a bit that i wouldnt want to miss in my future mans. Oh hey if you want to know what happened with Mr S’s friend is that we’re casuals on a friendship. And also someone tell my littu sister to get this cracked version of Tinder to someone else who’s not me.

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Singlehood made us best friends:Tyler Perry Sistas

I hope y’all doing well with the new normal, I hope you’re keeping safe and doing what the world decided to give us. I’m in this new age that I discovered parents seek sympathy too and that they deserve it. So i talk to my dad last night and he’s telling me how Kisii has been so cold so i go ahead and ask him if he’s keeping warm with my mom. Also, if they can make some coffee after dinner. If you haven’t gone to Kisii around this time, im letting you know that you should because that place is like the current Nyahururu. Its super cold with lots of mist clouds in the morning. Our conversation goes on and on you know that punchline that parents like.. Dad please wear cardigans and remind mom to keep safe as well.

Just an introductory to remind you to help you remember keeping safe, enjoy your series indoors and finding new hobbies. I mean there’s always a silver lining to everything. Now speaking of, my sister introduced me to this show by Tyler Perry called Sistas. This has been my second favourite show ofcos after Bold type, Power comes third.. I know these are different genres but they all have something in common … Drama

If you haven’t watched it, lemme give you a small preview.. Andy is a divorce attorney with three best friends Sabrina, Karen and Danny. I loove Andy, she values relationships and love, with a great girlfriend circle and takes her job seriously. This looks like my best friend Melissa…talk of hopeless romantics

Sabrina.. Sabrina honestly if i met Sabrina today we’d be best friends. Because we have a lot in common She is the type that tries to find herself, she does take her job seriously but she cares too much about her friends, she’s a little bit susceptible to her friend’s opinions, also she’s this girl that doesn’t have her own voice in relationships and she tries to gather that from her friends. She’s a banker and has access to her friend’s accounts incase you get a big man and he does a big transaction to your account just know that the whole clique knows

I really like Danny, her character is a bit complicated, you see the type that doesn’t want a man to express himself too much and the next moment when the guy doesn’t talk about himself she’s all worried and calling out the guy that’s Danny. Oh and she’s the low grade of her friends.. I lacked the right words to use for broke… I would like this kind of friend cos Danny calls out his friends and their mans to let them know that you aren’t treating my friend as the Queen she is. Did i tell you this girl is a funny and fearless airport employee.

Talk about Karen, she is too vulnerable than what the people who meet her think. She’s so rude to men i almost felt like her mom told her, men are trash and let them know how shitty they can be. She owns a Salon across town, we’re expecting all kind of shade ofcos.

You ever seen that advert for the daily pop on e-Entertainment, “get ready to get a lot of me babyyyy” so a hint of why this makes it to top of my list, i relate with most of these characters, but Andyy, she is the type that’d defend mr mans with every ounce of their soul even if she had a little doubt. She is involved with this man Gary – you know Gary is the guy that would question you about every man you talk to.. Get me right he goes overboard but lemme tell u why i would like this type of a mans.. He always has a plan.

Gary has his ex wife who is trying to bring him down with allegations of money laundering. And we all know how clingy ex wives can be.. So she even had a private investigator to find out what her ex husband is up to. They track down his girlfriends house. The nerve! As if that is not enough they showed up at her place.

Im this type of a girl that’d like the kind of treatment Andy gets from Garry. I mean..i call him a man with a plan so he goes to prison for whatever he’s being charged for but he still sends Andy a million dollars as an apology gift for getting him into trouble.. Ahem.. Ladies if you have this kind of a mans let us know where we can harvest we can as well change our religion

I paused this blog to go watch how cute my little niece is growing, I’m so in love with that little girl cos she looks so much like me. It was also at this time that I have been watching the last episode of sistas. Incase you’re wondering why I’m watching it now is because season 2 just began recently and it has got all these tea that you would not want to miss.

Sabrina, she’s like the Khloe Kardashian in the clique, this is why she’s my fav.. Sabrina can forgive, she’s feeling all guilty even when she’s not. Shes too worried about her friends, she’ll cry with you, she can also beat the crap out of you if you dare step on one of her friend’s boundaries. One thing about this character is they never have a decision of their own.. They can only depend on their friends experiences to find their bearing.. I can only tell you to watch the series.. Also, kindly share your thoughts on who you feel you are in your clique…Sabrina is mine.

Well i know y’all can relate with these type of characters. For men, kindly let me know who’s your poison in the four characters and ladies more ladies please, give us the chance to know who you are btn the four characters. They say if you like it share, like and comment boo❤️

Should you or should you not ask relationship advice from your friends?

Would you consider asking for guidance from outside people about your relationship? For outside people in a relationship, i mean your friends, family or his or her friends. Let me tell you what i think.

This might or might not be the best move to try. For one, your family and friends would be biased, not because they do not like your significant other but because they just do not want to see you hurting. So asking them to help you out with issues related with your better half, their views would be from protective aspect which is totally understandable.

You should understand also, that these people will definitely be out to help regardless of them not knowing your fiancee or your boyfriend better. They will always give you an ear, a shoulder to clear your mind. Besides, youre family to them.

Being a girl in the African setup , we’re brought up with the notion that we stick to our partners and learn to be strong whenever things get tough.

I mean you can’t go back to your parents house after wrangles with your partner like you don’t have an African dad or mom.

So this relationship advice issue may have started with our ancestors. It does not look like its a modern idea its just that its so much needed now than it was then.

Let’s work it out, how many of friends think their other friends ruined their relationship? Khloe Kardashian thinks Kris Jenner was the main force behind her and Lamars divorce. Out of the love of a mother to her beautiful angel, she thinks you should go to her house for things to get better.

Yes they really try to help, by being protective. Parents have always assumed the worst or have you never told your mom you feel nauseated and now she thinks you’re expectant. Its just the same brains that will never overlook what you’re going through in your relationship.

Most of the times we judged our friends for sticking with their partners even in the worst situations, we were fast to tell them why they had to leave that guy because you think it was too early.

Love is not a universal feeling, not every one is in love, whoever you’re in love with is different from the person you’ve been with before. We love differently.

You may think venting to your mom, confiding in your friends is the best/worst thing to do. Here’s what I feel, asking different people on what you need guidance in may not be the best idea.

First you may be unable to disclose some of the intimate things that are the chances of your relationship problems. The person you’re confiding to will give you appropriate advice to the situation you created.

Two, all your friends will give you different thoughts and options on what to do which are not your thoughts. Oh yes this makes your problems uglier than they looked before.

Three is that it might be your family but they know the bare minimum of what you and your better half are going through. Basically what will happen here is that they will give you advice basing on situations they’ve been through or what they want.

However, revealing what your relationship struggles are in the most honest way may save you in the long run. Why? Because confiding in your mom would easen your heavy heart.

Also, for you and your partner finding a common person would even work better because you’re both comfortable in a case where you trust the person involved. You might want to consider a therapist in the most extreme cases. Just according to how intense you feel your situation is.

One thing is for sure is that youre the only one who feels the raw gritty feelings that your partner is giving you. They’re the ultimate people who can give us the answers we need.

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Learn to be okay with people not knowing your story.

“Im telling you this is what happened ”

This is just one of those few phrases i know people use when they want to proof themselves even in coaxed stories . Sometimes when people tell us about their stories you wouldn’t believe them because you’re already choosing what to believe and what or who to side with.

So, never mind with when that happens to you. We’re not going to get into which gender that is going to gossip or spread the rumors. This said men’s gossip has turned out to be the juicier one and we’re choosing that.

In this world where people will be pointing out the fake friends that you’ve had. That you wish you’d have looked more into the red flags than actually believing what the person is showing you already.

We all have this right mind of ours that doesn’t give consent to what our hearts tells us. I mean do you imagine dumping your child bestie because of a lie that he or she told about you? You’d rather talk about it and ask for the bestie hug at the end of it. Sometimes we even cry to give the innocence box a tick.

Have you ever gotten to work only for you to here that you’ve been hooking up with your boss for a favor or huh for weeks you’ve been flirting with your project assessor or talking of a co employee reporting you for underperforming. I’m talking of a case where all these are as a result of an issue between you and the character involved.

Sometimes these cases are worse because you end up getting fired, the situation unfolding before your lecturer and now he thinks he can make you defer the semester.

These are worst of the worse things that happen to people not because they’re underperforming, not because they’ve the looks and they can actually flirt. But because no one decides to listen to their stories.

You may be revealing all that happened, but because this boss, your friends have already chosen a side to conquer with. Be it against you or the other person involved.

When we watch different shows, it’s just so hard for a lyer to get away with it. We can say its a show as much as we want but do not overlook the fact that they’re laying it out there that karma never slays when its your time to pay.

You get so tired proving yourself, trying so much to please the people who are supposed to believe you. It doesn’t matter how low youre going to bend for people who are to believe you to have your please at heart.

All I’m saying is just never bend so low where youre unwanted. Its uncalled for. They’re crucial cases like your job or your semester marks are involved. Such cases may feel like the end of the road

You can fight for yourself, you may never know what to do but just don’t be afraid to let people not know your side of the story. God knows us he knows what you’re going through and he’ll definitely lift you from where you are.

Must you practise journalism to be a journalist?

Not everyone who’s a journalist today practiced the course in college. Chances are your parents told you you’d never be a journalist without joining school of communications. The same happened with lawyers, you must practice law to be a lawyer.

Question is must you practise a course that leadeth to your dream career? Looking at Kenya today, so many modern careers are overtaking traditional ones. The more this gets to grow, more employers out here are giving more accreditation to talent, what you’re best in and not what you practiced.

Talking of journalism, comedians are the most celebrated people in the media, upcoming content creators are getting into the journalism world without the second thought if they have a journalism background . These are people who never hustled to get into media companies for their internships, people who don’t understand the pressure of a screen test for you to get an A in that television production unit.

Do you remember reporting to Law school? Anticipating to be the judge in a moot Court? Dreaming to be the best criminal lawyer in the next 5 to 6 years?

Mark you that is how the journalism student at her internship who’s spending an extra 6pm to 7pm just to get advanced skills into live reporting.

Thinking that spending that extra time would sooner or later be a chance for his or her employer to send him or her to a live press conference.

This is only for the employer to look into the content creators on Instagram or YouTube to give him the job. For it to get sadder, is that the same people will undergo training that a journalism student has gone through. Most of this time is because they’re under a tag of a celebrity.

Just a week ago, more than 100 experienced media personnel were among the collective layoff of the famous mediamax company. Years before, we’ve had the same happening to Royal media services firing the talented Kirigo Ngarua and TerryAnn Chebet. We’re never going to speak the emotional trauma that these will be going through. Having to know that you’re not going to receive any paycheque at the end of the month, that you have to fire two of your nannies, that you’ll have to move into a smaller house with your baby, you’re considering all the options of cost cutting .

In journalism, we’re taught that you don’t go into the field to make yourself popular, its the quality of information that accredits your competency.

If you look at the most famous radio radio stations. Their accreditation is considered competent when you employ a celebrity. It doesnt matter whether the person practiced journalism or not.

Its news when Foi Wambui is a tv presenter when she studied law, Mike Mondo is a radio presenter while he’s a nurse by profession. I’m not saying its a bad situation for someone to find a living in a career that he’s not trained in. But imagine someone finding purpose in a career you practiced while you yourself haven’t figured out anything. I’m not making it sad but you’re competent.

We’re told its hard to get into the media industry. We’re told you have to start from somewhere even if it means being the coffee guy as you get video production aspects while you’re at the edge of the chair because you’re sharing it with your fellow journalists whore on pay cheque already.

On internship, you’re told to go with a radio presenter into the production room only for you to watch him or her voice his script and edit. That’s like an hour or more.. Do you imagine standing there for an hour not being even able to ask questions because he or she is under pressure to produce a program on a deadline.

Thing is, this is emotional inflicting than telling us to be positive to get into the media world.

Lessons I learnt in 2018

So I’ve been thinking about what to write and guess what lessons learnt in 2018.

1.It’s okay to be vulnerable

We agree that vulnerability is underrated I can tell you how it’s powerful.

You know of a person who’s always happy no matter what happens? these kinds of people are super annoying reason why, you know at subconscious level we know these people are trying to play as the perfectionist and we all know that perfect people don’t exist.

How many times have you said “I’m fine!” when really deep down all you wanted to do was come clean and admit that everything is not OK.

We are taught that it’s not cool to be vulnerable. It shows weakness and just won’t do.

Instead we must embrace the stiff part of us and pretend that everything is OK. Vulnerability provides inner strength.. what nobody told us is that there is actually a deep inner strength in vulnerability why? because to be vulnerable you have to be honest; you have to be the real you.

At times it may feel like the safer option is to hide your inner feelings but come on,playing pretend doesn’t ever really make you feel that great on the inside; it only leaves you feeling like a fraud.

It’s true that when we learn to accept and grant ourselves a permit to be vulnerable the sooner we free ourselves from the chain of pretence -perfectionism. Try it today.

2.No one owes you anything

I was reading something for school sometime aand I read of how whenever we take group photos the first person you look at is you and if you find out you ain’t looking good you wouldn’t post that picture which is so true BTW and if you look cute you’re gonna post it anyway.

You can give people too much and you expect them to treat you with the same respect, the same amount of love and energy that you pour anything but really no one owes you anything as human beings we were born selfish but that shouldn’t change your character. You’ll possibly meet people with the same energy as yours

3. You’ll not control everything

I’m one person who’d like to be in control but understanding that I can only sustain one thing at a time was really a hell of a tip.

It’s important for you to understand why you want to control. Most people want to control because of fear but really letting go off small things,managing and letting go off your expectations, to finally surrendering to life is major and why couldn’t you consider this? Leave room for surprises huh

4.Prioritize your mental health

I’ve probably told this a lot but anything that takes you away from your sanity then should not be in your life even if it’s hard to let go be it a job, a person, a relationship.

If you go to bed and you’re constantly worrying too much about it and drains your energy literally your sanity. I mean you’re always calling your friend I’m worried about this or that.. I’m not saying you should stop worrying because it’s completely normal to worry.. but as long it takes away your inner peace it’s not worth it.

5.Invest in yourself and your future.

I know you’re wondering how I’m putting up this but it’s not banking entirely on finances.

By this I mean invest in your future.Material things come and go but your knowledge stays with you.

Read books and blogs, become the boss of your money,never stop learning and if you can create multiple income generating activities. Yhaas and yes you absolutely have to work hard because consistency pays.

Just so you liked it follow your ghel.. Happy holidays

    Internship. Make yourself indispensable.

    Hey fine people, if youve been an intern you’ll absolutely know how anxious you were before you reported for your first internship. Comes along with beams of optimism, enlightenment and happiness. They carry the promise of a positive future.

    And then you get there. Quickly, you realize your internship isn’t exactly what you expected it to be. Frankly, it’s kind of disappointing. Reality check, duude, you’re at the bottom of the corporate food chain.

    To add on, more and more colleges requiring internships before graduation, this is a recipe for disaster, or more realistically, a vicious cycle in which college students are forced to take internships that deplete their bank accounts in the hopes of a payoff down the road, which is definitely not a guarantee.
    Most of us, an internship is our first encounter with the real world. It will probably be your first time to spend an entire day wearing a neat bright coloured shirt buttoned up and a pair of sensible shoes(2-inch ankle boots for girls). You imagine eagerly going to work 15 minutes early. You can’t wait to get in there and get a head start on your career.

    Honestly speaking, you’re not going to be able to save the world in your first week. With your name being “Intern” being reminded of your status more often. While you will hopefully be entrusted to do actual work, chances are you will be given a lot of clerical work as well. In case you didn’t know, the real world entails a lot of photocopying, paper filing and tea fetching as some times you’re sent to buy KDFs for your (bosses). It just so happens that some a good bit of that work will fall onto your desk.

    Getting your hands on real work takes a lot of responsibility. As an intern, you haven’t proven yourself of being capable of handling the heavy stuff. You will have to deal with the grunt work as a rite of passage into being a real employee. Ideally what you can do is proof your self worth so that your boss can be convinced to give you more meatier jobs.

    However unfortunate it may be, I’ve been a former intern in 4 unpaid positions. Granted, one was a Audio production assistant in a certain radio, and one is billed as a customer experience surveyor at different branches of a pharmacy , but for the early mornings and purposes, they have been real world experiences that have not paid a dime. So,I met fantastic people and have great references from those positions, as well as awesome experience.

    The one great thing about unpaid internships is that while you get to experience the industry and do real world work, since the company isn’t paying you, there is a large focus on learning on the job, which was extremely useful.
    Before you begin your internship with stars in your eyes, remember that interning is often about paying your crunchy work. So here, this is what I got since I left my 4th internship.

    So you can nip these problems;
    For the case of when you think you’re doing nothing constructive;
    You can ask your boss if there are any projects that he or she is tackling that you can work on. It’s natural to have a lot of free time when you’re an intern. Sure, there is probably a lot of work to do around the office but it’s possible that it’s not work that an intern would be able to do.
    It could also be that your boss has a lot on his or her own plate and has completely overlooked your workload. If there’s no work for you, try to create work for yourself. Chances are there are some stagnant projects on your boss’ to-do list that you can start working on yourself. Or maybe you can ask other members of your team that need some help on their own projects.
    There’s also this chance that you can also propose projects that you can do on your own. These projects can showcase your capabilities so that your boss can trust you with bigger tasks too.

    Two fine people, you have no clear plan or rather you haven’t received enough guidance.
    If you’re confused about how you should accomplish your tasks, always ask. Never be afraid to ask questions! Your boss probably thinks that you already know what to do and that his/her instructions were clear enough. So let your boss know that you need additional guidance for your project. If you’re keen to know about your job performance, ask your boss about giving you evaluations. This will help you learn about your strengths and weaknesses as an employee.
    If you haven’t done it yet, request your boss for some time and talk to your boss about having a training plan for the remainder of your internship. Or at least talk to him/her about the things you want to learn or achieve so that your boss also knows what to teach you and how to guide you. As your internship progresses, progress meetings so that you can both see if you are on track. Always make sure that you communicate with your boss and that you are both on the same page when it comes to your internship.

    And this major one, Your internship doesn’t pay
    Here, the scenario doesn’t apply to everyone. Most internships these days are unpaid. Some interns are lucky enough to get compensation but it’s mostly because the workload is heavier than the usual internship or maybe the work entails a lot of expenses.
    Ideally, you should sort out stipend issues before the start of your internship. If you’re encountering unseen expenses such as transportation costs for running errands or buying materials for projects, you should talk to your boss about getting additional assistance to cover for the expenses.
    The point here is compensation is in experience, not monetary value. Now, I completely stand by internships and the experience they provide. You developed excellent contacts and relationships through the internships and realized they are crucial for entry-level jobs and taking the next step in a professional career.
    However, this brings about the problem; talented students are working for companies that ten years ago, paid employees were doing the same tasks, except now they get slapped with an “Intern Ann” name tag and receive college credit instead of cash.

    So 4, You’re doing mindless work
    First try to do your best with the tasks given to you at work. You have to hustle and prove your worth then hopefully, your boss will trust you enough to give you meatier roles.
    But if all you’re doing is clerical work and you’re not really doing anything valuable or educational, try to talk to your supervisor about it. You want to leave your internship with new insights and skills, so work with your boss on ensuring that you will do relevant work. Volunteer your help with some projects that your team is working on. You can propose to work on a solo project to cap off your internship experience.

    Fifth you’ll experienced this? That you’re not getting any guidance
    As an intern, it’s likely that you don’t know anything at work. But you wouldn’t want to stay that way for theYou get left out of meetings or work discussions
    Being an intern, you’re kind of part of the company, but not really. You will work on things alongside other employees but there are simply some things that you won’t be a part of, such as meetings. Oftentimes, confidential matters are discussed at these meetings and you just don’t have the clearance to know these things. Aside from this, meetings are nebulous by nature and adding more people can further complicate them and drag them out longer.
    While they may not allow you to participate at meetings, you can ask to be a silent observer. Ask if you can come along to a few key meetings just to see how projects are formulated, strategized and implemented. Tell your boss that you just want to get a complete picture of how things work at an office environment.However, make sure you don’t disrupt the proceedings and do what you told them you would do.

    6. Your hours are longer than originally advertised
    If you didn’t discuss work hours with your boss during the initial interview, make sure to bring up the topic as soon as possible. This can be asked with a brief, “What are the hours for this position?” either in person or via email. That said, understand that your hours aren’t necessarily set in stone. One of the best ways to stand out at your internship is to arrive early and stay late, especially when you’re working on a big project.

    If you don’t have a stipend but you find yourself shelling out your personal funds to cover work expenses, ask your boss for a reimbursement. There shouldn’t be a problem with reimbursing these expenses as long as you keep official receipts, so make sure to ask your boss or the finance department how the reimbursement process goes. Your internship is one of the best ways you can prepare for life in the real world. It’s the closest you can get to an actual job without actually taking on the workload of a full-time employee. Make the most of what is given to you and if you encounter any of these internship problems, do what you can to turn these problems into opportunities. Good luck, intern!
    It’s one thing to score your dream internship. It’s quite another thing to have the dream match the reality. During the first few days of summer, you might find that you’re becoming an expert on ordering venti skim lattes instead of gaining the learning experience you had hoped for. Or maybe you were expecting a jam-packed schedule, but your boss doesn’t give you enough work to keep you busy.
    If you’re truly unable to take on more hours, ask your boss if he or she has a few free minutes to discuss your schedule. Explain that you had expected a certain number of hours and are unable to put in more time and let her know why. Offer to let her know if your schedule changes and make sure to follow up if it does.

    7. You’re given more busy work and less “real” work than you anticipated
    Interning isn’t always as exciting as it looked on The Hills. “Interns are often given what amounts to overflow work that the regular staff doesn’t have time to handle. It isn’t the most glamorous, but oftentimes it’s the reality of the deal. Realize that there may be some mundane tasks, work through those tasks quickly, ask for more challenging work and you’re likely to get it!

    It’s important to look at your internship with perspective. You may not be able to write the cover story for the magazine, but you might be able to contribute story research or fact-check the piece. Those tasks aren’t busy work – they’re crucial for the production of the magazine! When you’re consistently receiving real assignments, it’s not so terrible to spend an hour sorting mail or running an errand for the company.

    8. You don’t get along well with your boss right away.You might not be BFFs with your boss, no matter how much you rock as an intern. But a positive relationship with your boss can go a long way towards making your internship into a great experience.
    Some people are not engaging at first, so you have to learn how to read a personality and figure out how to interact with that person however much it’ll take time.
    One way to speed up the process is to figure out the best way to interact with your boss. Does he or she prefer you to ask questions face to face or via email? Does he or she invite you to lunch, or are you expected to eat by yourself or with other interns? Observe these basic details during your first few days in the office for a summer of smooth sailing.

    9.You don’t get along well with the other interns right away
    Don’t stress if you and the other interns don’t hit it off right away. Just like getting to know your boss, this takes time. You’ll likely spend a lot of time with the other interns, including collaborating on the same projects, so it shouldn’t be too tough to get to know them on a professional basis. The next step requires putting yourself out there a bit invite them to lunch! It’s a quick, easy way to get to know them on a personal level, too.
    Take the time to hang out a bit after work or on weekends so you can get to know each other better and find someone with whom you connect. It’s an opportunity to build relationships that may become important down the line.
    Remember, your fellow interns will be vying for the same jobs after graduation and you might even end up working together at some point in the future. Establishing positive relationships with your peers now can only help you down the road.

    Lastly, you’re overwhelmed with work and might not have adequate training
    When your work is too tough, it’s important to let someone know as soon . You’re only setting yourself up for failure if you don’t take steps to catch up! And besides, it’s not uncommon for interns to feel unprepared, as interns replace entry-level positions at many companies.
    Before you bug your boss with every minor question, do your homework. Research your question online, check any manual or guides you were given by the company, and ask other interns if they know how to solve the problem. If it’s a matter of learning a new skill, check out a book on the subject or see if you can find step-by-step guides online. If you’ve done all the things and you’re still lost, it’s time to talk to your boss.

    Don’t hesitate to ask for clarification when you don’t understand something or ask to slow the pace a bit. Oftentimes, interns are afraid to speak up because they believe they will be judged harshly for not being able to keep up or they are afraid they will not appear smart. Sometimes you have to remind your supervisors that this is new territory for you. They are on autopilot a lot of the time. A gentle request for a little more direction often helps.

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    Forced to listen to your guts?

    Long time no blog but yeah finally I’m safe trying to work on new content. Well have you ever had lots of difficulty trying to listen to your guts? Haha wow when your heart’s thoughts are your mind’s rejects. Let’s agree on this we all once or more often get stuck in our thoughts and actions from time to time. The key is not to let it continue any longer than necessary. The sooner you can free your thoughts, the better you will free.

    Sometimes when we try our best to move past our problems but something comes along to block us. What is it trying to tell you about where you are and what you are attempting to do? Perhaps there is something missing that will help you solve the difficulty.

    We’ve all been there. Stuck in the middle of our decision-making mode. Our heart tells us one thing, while our mind tries to keep us safe. Two totally different directions. One feels right, while the other is the most logical option.

    What have you been following in the past? Do your decisions sound right or feel right? Take a look at where you are right now. Your life might be filled with logical and safe decisions. Which is great, but it’s leaving a lot of unused potential free of usage.

    You would love to be free flowing, in love with your decisions and place you’re at in your life. For some reason, you’re not there yet. You’re close but always feel on the fringe.
    You’ve tasted the times in your life when you’ve been fully immersed in your decisions. Engaging with the uncomfortableness of not having a plan, but at least it felt right. If only you could be here more often.

    One of the best ways to understand what may be blocking you is to learn to listen to your heart. I know it may sound a little corny, but most of the time, we are so caught up in what’s going on in our heads that we forget about our emotional selves. And that can cause us to be stopped in our tracks without even knowing it. If your heart isn’t in it, not much is going to happen.

    If this is something that you are new at, a great way to start is by simply placing your hand on your heart. No, it is not sending you a message in codes. But placing your hand on your heart allows you to be more in touch with that wonderful organ that helps you feel your best and is strong enough to overcome even the worst situations you have ever found yourself in. By feeling your heart, you sync your brain with the rhythm of its beat, and you will be able to better understand the messages that the core of your being is sending to your brain.

    Some of these times it takes a little while to really understand what is going on for you, because more often your brain will be sending information to your heart based on your proclivities. The habit of your behaviors may be so much into you that it is hard to tell yourself that you are not feeling what you think you are supposed to feel. Correctly hearing the truth from your heart can help you settle your issues and allow you to enjoy life in ways you never could have imagined.

    So I one of those times that I was caught in the midst and I absolutely had to reach out for my people’s thoughts , so you can guess I got this; This is one of those times where writing down your thoughts and feelings can help. Do they match? If not, which do you wish to follow? By choosing to follow your heart, you are gaining the strength that comes from all the love you’ve ever had. Once you feel it, that love can overcome your problems.

    More often you should understand that if you approach someone with an open heart, he or she will feel it and will most likely return a similar energy to you. That’s how relationships are born, one open heart reaching out and touching another. It’s what we all want, and it is available to you by just being willing to listen to your heart.

    I guess you’ve heard this a lot more times that our time on earth is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be caught in people’s decisions in which you live with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.

    Having confidence in your gut feeling could be a solution to this.Living in tune with your heart can be a totally new concept. Today we’re so wrapped up in making decisions based on countless on the good and bad lists, that we never allow any space for new opportunities or potentials. The notion of living in what causes and effects mechanistic world ruins our every thought.

    We are humans and we love falling back on routine. Our same thoughts and habits pervade our everyday existence. We can either let these thoughts and beliefs, based on our past, direct our lives or we can inject new life into them.The decision is up to us.

    Every other day in the morning you’re faced with decisions. This route or that route to work. Take the new opportunity,or fly out of the country. Most decisions aren’t life changing, but still, add up to our overall life experience. By adding more space and deeper feeling into your decision-making process you bring more possibility into your life. It’s time to start learning how to navigate these new waters.
    All you need to do is balance two aspects of your being, the heart, and mind.

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    Let’s all handle negativity comfortably.

    From the tips of your nose to the tops of your toes, you are to better looking guy, more talented, kinder, funnier and less likely to go to bed at 9pm with cute pyjamas . Some words are said to others while we need them most.

    Did you ever come home after doing a detox with the best Kate’s organics, cleansed with glasses of smoothies, feeling on top of the world and in your healthy glow, only to have one of your friends kill your joy ride with a negative remark? Did you ever post a picture on Facebook after having several visits for work outs to the flat tummy or a big booty that can land you in multi million deals ahem! or healing yourself in some way, feeling so proud of the work you’ve done, just to have a friend leave a comment that was less than complimentary?

    Did you recently achieve something special, like hitting 500 subscribers on your two month you tube channel or getting a promotion at work and you noticed a particular person in your life made a sideways comment that was actually somewhat derogatory?
    However much you receive 200 genuine and praising compliments for your efforts, you can hang on to that one nasty comment and just feel terrible for days. And feeling bad is not good for your health ! Could that person actually be jealous of you? Or are they just permanently caught in the negative, and never actually happy for you in the way you are happy for their success?
    One of the sad parts about changing your diet and your lifestyle for the better is that some people around you may not be so supportive or happy to see you change. Jealousy is, without a doubt, it’s unpleasant and once it rears its ugly head, it can be hard for it to go away.

    What can you do if you think or believe that your friend, workmate or family member is actually jealous of you? How do you go about with negativity when you feel so positive, happy and healthy? If you want the best for everyone around you. Let’s do these comfortably .I’ve got a few tips respond to a jealous or negative comment?
    For one , don’t take things personally. More often when someone is actively negative, it has absolutely everything to do with them and nothing to do with you . You might actually notice that the person in question makes comments about everyone in a bad way, so no matter what you do or don’t do, you will be a topic of conversation for them.
    Two, to bring back what other people think about you is none of your business ! You hit this world with your successes and you should own your success . Be proud of yourself No one knows how hard you worked and no one has the right to give an opinion about you.
    Hey 3 loves, you never will please everyone. It’s just not possible, so let go of having to make everyone happy. Do your best to be compassionate, loving, genuine and honest but know that sometimes people will still not approve you, even if you are a good person, and that’s okay! People even find reasons to not like Barack Obama , so come on!
    Here another one; Choose not to comment. Take the higher ground with negativity and simply do not acknowledge it. Look at it as a spiritual challenge and an opportunity to grow emotionally. Letting go of the need to reply is truly a remarkable release and you will find so much freedom there.

    Yeah it stops the energy of negativity dead in its trenches. Remember, you cannot have an argument with only one person.

    Think of yourself as as a coconut tree, strong in your form but flexible to move in the wind. You can withstand any storm as long as you stay focused in your super human strength .

    5 loves;Be kind but practice safe distancing. You happen to see a pattern in one person who is continuously hitting you with critic comments, then you should think about whether or not you want to have that person in your life.

    You are precious and your time is precious, so choose who you give your time to wisely. I often think the best thing to do is to be as compassionate and kind as you can but slowly distance yourself from the person, making it clear that you are not available. They will either change their tune and start getting more positive on their own, or they will set their sights to something or someone else.

    Dear boo boo if you find this difficult and in doubt, send them love.If you are absolutely unsure what to do with the negative Ann in your life, then simply send them love

    This is very much important when you’re in the midst of queries of why you think your workmate, friend or family member is full of negativity. Close your eyes, and take a long deep breath.

    Form a picture of extremely large rays of love and light wrapping itself around Ann filling her with divine unconditional love . Watch and wait what happens. You will be amazed to see the change . Sometimes it’s even instant!

    Hi loves please don’t forget to follow my blog. Sending you lots of love and hugs your way on my birthday week.