Let’s all handle negativity comfortably.

From the tips of your nose to the tops of your toes, you are to better looking guy, more talented, kinder, funnier and less likely to go to bed at 9pm with cute pyjamas . Some words are said to others while we need them most.

Did you ever come home after doing a detox with the best Kate’s organics, cleansed with glasses of smoothies, feeling on top of the world and in your healthy glow, only to have one of your friends kill your joy ride with a negative remark? Did you ever post a picture on Facebook after having several visits for work outs to the flat tummy or a big booty that can land you in multi million deals ahem! or healing yourself in some way, feeling so proud of the work you’ve done, just to have a friend leave a comment that was less than complimentary?

Did you recently achieve something special, like hitting 500 subscribers on your two month you tube channel or getting a promotion at work and you noticed a particular person in your life made a sideways comment that was actually somewhat derogatory?
However much you receive 200 genuine and praising compliments for your efforts, you can hang on to that one nasty comment and just feel terrible for days. And feeling bad is not good for your health ! Could that person actually be jealous of you? Or are they just permanently caught in the negative, and never actually happy for you in the way you are happy for their success?
One of the sad parts about changing your diet and your lifestyle for the better is that some people around you may not be so supportive or happy to see you change. Jealousy is, without a doubt, it’s unpleasant and once it rears its ugly head, it can be hard for it to go away.

What can you do if you think or believe that your friend, workmate or family member is actually jealous of you? How do you go about with negativity when you feel so positive, happy and healthy? If you want the best for everyone around you. Let’s do these comfortably .I’ve got a few tips respond to a jealous or negative comment?
For one , don’t take things personally. More often when someone is actively negative, it has absolutely everything to do with them and nothing to do with you . You might actually notice that the person in question makes comments about everyone in a bad way, so no matter what you do or don’t do, you will be a topic of conversation for them.
Two, to bring back what other people think about you is none of your business ! You hit this world with your successes and you should own your success . Be proud of yourself No one knows how hard you worked and no one has the right to give an opinion about you.
Hey 3 loves, you never will please everyone. It’s just not possible, so let go of having to make everyone happy. Do your best to be compassionate, loving, genuine and honest but know that sometimes people will still not approve you, even if you are a good person, and that’s okay! People even find reasons to not like Barack Obama , so come on!
Here another one; Choose not to comment. Take the higher ground with negativity and simply do not acknowledge it. Look at it as a spiritual challenge and an opportunity to grow emotionally. Letting go of the need to reply is truly a remarkable release and you will find so much freedom there.

Yeah it stops the energy of negativity dead in its trenches. Remember, you cannot have an argument with only one person.

Think of yourself as as a coconut tree, strong in your form but flexible to move in the wind. You can withstand any storm as long as you stay focused in your super human strength .

5 loves;Be kind but practice safe distancing. You happen to see a pattern in one person who is continuously hitting you with critic comments, then you should think about whether or not you want to have that person in your life.

You are precious and your time is precious, so choose who you give your time to wisely. I often think the best thing to do is to be as compassionate and kind as you can but slowly distance yourself from the person, making it clear that you are not available. They will either change their tune and start getting more positive on their own, or they will set their sights to something or someone else.

Dear boo boo if you find this difficult and in doubt, send them love.If you are absolutely unsure what to do with the negative Ann in your life, then simply send them love

This is very much important when you’re in the midst of queries of why you think your workmate, friend or family member is full of negativity. Close your eyes, and take a long deep breath.

Form a picture of extremely large rays of love and light wrapping itself around Ann filling her with divine unconditional love . Watch and wait what happens. You will be amazed to see the change . Sometimes it’s even instant!

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Let’s break sexism rules

Let’s break those stereotypes guys! I’m a mass communication student and entirely the whole school believes that mass communication students have pride that goes off over heels well w’all know what that means and how absolutely stereotypical it is.Guys who told you men who loved pink are gay’s or whichever way they’re doctors outta here who got good handwriting and patients would probably be walking with their prescriptions in their shorts pockets. We’ve always met these science students who got killer fashions I mean yeah fashionistas that kill people’s vibes all day long.
And there is the issue can boys be raised to be happy men and break sexism rules, respect women and value women.
Here is a checklist men need to recognize women’s value in society, recognize sexism and call it out. They’re several items designed to help boys grow up into happier, healthier men. These include letting boys cry and helping them to feel comfortable with who they are and with expressing their emotions.

The implication is that men who are more sensitive and in touch with their feelings will be better partners, bosses and friends to women, which is undoubtedly true. But while hundreds of programs exist around the world to break women and girls out of rigid gender stereotypes, we don’t put the same energy into creating boys’ empowerment programs that might allow them to feel more comfortable with who they are and live happier lives. As Miller says, “if we want to create an equitable society, one in which everyone can thrive, we need to also give boys more choices.”

There is plenty of research lately that shows that men are suffering. In a study done by MTV, six in 10 men aged 14 to 24 said they felt confined by what society expected them to be like, and 61 percent agreed with the statement “I feel pressure to act like a man today.” A study out of the University of Washington looked at how men are under great pressure to live up to the masculine ideal and found that “men who believe they fall short of those ideals might be prompted to reassert their masculinity in small but significant ways.”
Men are also graduating from college and graduate school in lower numbers than women, and they are three times more likely than women to take their own lives.

But so many boys grow up suppressing their feelings and living a masculine ideal that may have little resemblance to what is going on inside of them. We need to be doing more to awareness of people raising their sons to be emotionally open and empathetic because we value them and their happiness the same way we do to girls.

In the world of women’s empowerment, we laugh about the idea of a calendar day celebrating men (after all, isn’t every day men’s day?) or a men’s empowerment program (aren’t they empowered enough?). But the truth is, boys face many of the same types of societal pressure that girls do and it is time for us to invest in programs targeting their emotional well-being.

Emotional intelligence is widely regarded as the key to both leading a happy life and for success in business. Studies show that people who are more in touch with their emotions, who know how important it is to form close bonds with people and to allow themselves to be known, are both emotionally and physically healthier. When boys don’t learn these skills at home, they need to provide them with role models and empowerment programs that help them to become the men they are to be.

If we are ever going to have a truly equal society, where men and women are comfortable leading alongside each other and spending equal time nurturing and supporting their families, we need to value teaching boys how to be happy, healthy men. Girls are increasingly being taught how to break out of their traditions ; let’s help boys break out too.