My little ray

Hi guys, it’s been a long time coming. I’m sure you’re all wondering why my last blog dates back in 2020. Well, I’ve the tea whether it’s worth the sugar just add it at the end of it haha. Before I put your hopes hi, I want to know how y’all been this last year.

Well mine, I gave birth to an amazing little ray of sunshine back in August 2021. She about to turn a year old in a week. I’m writing this while watching her sleep. She has these cute eyes and little pink lips . Now if you’re wondering if that’s what I love to do no, I just love pressing her chunk thighs while she’s asleep. You see those satisfying cute videos you watch of dermatologists popping pimples that’s how I feel right now.

I’ve to tell you that my experience was a rollercoaster one. I had 16 weeks of pure nausea that’s during my first trisemester and a bit of the second one. I had zero appetite to the point we had a soulsearch for Pizza joints because that’s what my stomach would stomach lmao. Moving forward, I had acid reflux which I was told is because of the baby’s hair that’s growing at that point of pregnancy. Now came to the third trisemester, this one was a smooth one . I ate all I didn’t have hands on during the last two trisemester. At this point, I had embraced my bump and everytime mans asked if we’d step out,I’d just dress it nicely and slay it my way out. And also embracing that I was a going to be a young mom and it might take too long before I get to enjoy another bump again.

Third trisemester was good this one. I’m taking you down the lane fast because the juicy part is not yet up to speed. For men, I hope y’all know pregnancy is 10 months that’s 40 weeks. I’m calling on men because I’m just from listening the Mandera debate and one of the gubernatorial candidate happened to say pregnancy and giving birth is as easy as ABCD, I’m not trying to be disrespectful but Mr excuse me,who gave you a uterus and have you been to any of county clinics Mr,how many times have you watched women give birth?

Ladies if you’ve experienced this last part ,I know some of you still crinch when you remember what you went through and for some it has been different. You heard the word LABOR, yes that one Hun. That was the part where the last trisemester showed me dust . The feeling of dust in your eyes when you press,you press against the dust and the tears start to come out voluntarily. Up to this day, I get adrenaline rush just on the thought of labor. Sometimes when I see a pregnant woman I talk back to myself like does this one know what she’s up to? But anyway down in me I know the grace that women were born with. It’s unshakable, unshielded and unstoppable. I’m just going to show you how.

During the time ,I had joined one of these Facebook support groups of ladies giving birth around the same time. So in my case it was the July/ August group. We’d give each other ideas on what to shop , how to prepare for labor, choosing the right hospital for your delivery, sometimes we’d even share tips on enjoying your relationship during the time. So when July began, we was patiently waiting on each other’s labor, God bless those women for us first time mums,we had enough info from the second or third time mums on what to look out for and the danger signs. So the first mum came , God thank you because I received my blue jet this morning. In this case blue jet means a boy and a pink jet means a girl. That went on for the entire July. I belonged to the august troop since my expected delivery date (EDd) was the beginning of August. I knew I was expecting a girl and there’s a lot of myths about labor when you’re expecting a girl. Like for example, your cramping will be more painful as compared to a mum expecting a blue jet. That you might labor for a long period of time. Anyway I don’t want to presume it’s a myth because I didn’t experience any of those.

Back to my story,my labor lasted 6 and half hours. It was natural except the last half an hour that they had to force dilation through forced contraction. This they do by inducing you either by drip or orally mine was through drip. Man! That was unbearable! Up to this date I keep telling myself and people that there’s no greater pain . The 6 and half hours were btn 9pm and 4.30 in the morning. At around 5am I just saw the nurses close up my bed . If you’ve been to labour you know,the sista sista moments are done and it’s always a relief to see them come to your bed. A few minutes after that, I received my beautiful baby girl through the normal birth. I was speechless and empty. I didn’t know what to say I guess I was experiencing a beautiful gush in me.

Now si I thought babies look like aliens immediately after birth,but my Gigi came out very beautiful. The girl that had me puke for months really knew her worth! She had to lay it out there how expensive she’d look on her first day. Anyway it was such a beautiful moment for me and my entire family and friends.

Amidst the bleeding,I just wanted to watch my beautiful baby girl struggle to open and close her eyes. We were later discharged at the end of that day but checked in to the neonatal unit two days later because she was diagnosed with acute jaundice. Which is very common with winter babies and around the time many babies checked suffering from the same. Haha well,the first time mom I was didn’t recognize any of that, but I was wailing myself out wueh. From the impression I gave, the paeds really understood me and guided me through the entire week I was there and even pressed for the questions I wouldn’t ask because of the guilt that I had asked a lot of them . God bless them.

Fast forward we start watching out on our milestones eating habits, first things first, babies are supposed to be exclusively breastfed for six months without any water but just meds if any given. I’m sure this is supposed to sound like a beautiful journey but postpartum is the worst of being a new mum. From the sore nipples ,leaking breasts, constipation,the baby cries at night. It’s just a new phase! If you had support throughout pregnancy you need triple during this time. With them leaking breasts ,you have to wake up to a very cold sleeping area at night and change your tops, the baby is awake you have to breastfeed until she falls back again. Sore nipples are particularly when you begin breastfeeding,I’d just cry,that thing is painful and it needs an emotionally supportive partner to understand.

The journey throughout our milestones has been beautiful. Now before I share her beautiful smile here. She’s been a ray of light, happiness, love and hope that love comes and it gets you and you will cry at one point because you’re overwhelmed by the love and affection your little one gives you. I’d give a breakdown of the milestones but I’ll do it in another beautiful blog . Now she’s taking a few steps, giving smooches and hugs, I always want to come back to the house because of how her face lits up when she sees mama. Until next week,, me and my little one would enjoy the love you’ll leave us here. Enjoy


Author: anyaboke

Hello it's Ann Nyaboke. I am a media and communication student .I was a pre-teenager when I first read the words with my chilled childhood,and I knew I was hooked. Here is the attraction as you get inspiration on lifestyle, education and personal stories from my blogs.Love

6 thoughts on “My little ray”

  1. Sometimes it bothers me that some men feel like pregnancy and postpartum is not theirs to understand, who’s the small-minded ABCD politician anyway?
    Lovely piece, namesake🤗. To more grace.

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  2. This is the most beautiful piece I’ve read today and I thank God for you and Gigi. May you continue being the best mum and as you explore different milestones May God always guide you and your little one ❤️ lots of love from auntie Dee 😙


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