Online dating it is.

Guys is it my recent adage or most long distance relationships don’t work? From what I’ve learnt is that most of them don’t end well. Get me right most of them so if you’re in one.. Your story might be different. There’s this dramatic event routine that I’ve experienced. All my friends who I always looked up to in the dating scenario have new mans in town. Little did i know, it was a spell cast and it was gonna down on me any moment.

I saw this meme someone asked do long distance relationships work and i saw a retweet, that they work if the four of you agree to be together lol

Since I’ve to let you know, this spell swept my feet too. Breakups are so underrated. These are days that you wish the world would swallow you whole instead of letting you suffer. There’s this adage I’ve learnt, God puts you through the worst to give you what you deserve. Let me say all that time i soaked my pillows, this line would rash through and there and then i fix my face.

Anyway who’s my baby sister? She’s Berlin that girl would twist your head if you ever get to my nerve only that she has this little adorable body and a damsel face that she wouldn’t want to destroy the reputation.

Fast forward, this girl sent me a cracked version of Tinder she even sent me a thousand bob to use the premium version of it. Haha she’s an IT expert btw. She insisted on it for weeks before i began using it. The drama is here my peeps

I swiped left until i met this guy lets call him Mr S he’s an engineer by profession i had to say it.. Lol do you know the way girls drool over men with careers ahem! That way. He inboxes me. Our little friendship began. I stay in Lodwar so an hour away gets you in a little town in Turkana South called Lokichar.

On this particular Saturday we’ve agreed to meet, I’m not so psyched cos I do not know how these things happen or go down rather not especially in this part of the country where everybody believes everything is indigenous. You know when i came here months ago i knew this place would be a life changer to mean I’ve to get used to arid areas,there’s not so much food, people starve.

Anyway fam, this is just like any good place you’d explore.. Until you went to Eliye springs a day or two you’d wake up in the middle of the night thinking its the North Diani.. The heat

So Mr S, we meet up, if you want to know how i was dressed, put on my Sunday best, this dress gives me a lot of joy and i almost get lucky everytime I wear it. Now we’ll find out if the statement above is a myth or Ann proven statement. My shades come in handy with little mules on my fluffy feet.

I didn’t put on so much make up. Mr S, he picks me up from a certain point meters away from my house, once I get into the car, that’s where i started ticking and unticking all the choices in my wishlist.

We are on our way to Cradle Hotel, so his friend is driving and he’s the boss let’s say I almost thought I landed myself a jackpot. In the car, ofcos the normal goes on, knowing each other since we’re also new to North Kenya we want to know how the places have been for us. And ofcos our driver.. chips in the conversation for a minute and then the silence endures. Mr S starts to talk about work stuff, yaani my ears were so open, he’s like unaona nani manze mimi nataka atoke hiyo ofisi.. I wanted him out like yesterday. Ofcos because its work i wouldn’t understand, and also I tell myself it’s not time to judge.

This guy is sitting in the passengers seat opposite to the driver’s, adjusted his seat, his legs with sandals are up. He’s already stretching his hand to my thighs.. I was so uncomfortable but then again I’ve to be kind so i tell him honestly I’m afraid I don’t entertain whatever you’re doing he feels sorry. Which worked for me.

Oh hey i forgot, this guy is like 5’0 I’m a 5’3 and attracted to dark tall men kalenjin type. You can guess he was off and here i am giving chances little did i know he’s about to crash them all

At Cradle, we arrived, he ordered pilsna, i order coke soda and his friend pineapple – paw paw juice. At this point, he starts to talk about how shitty cradle is, i mean mahn hii ni 5 star ya Lodwar. I’m open minded here, i dont want to be too judgemental. You understand how cautious you can be on your first date unknowingly you might end up screwing up.

Here we met a friend of his, says hi and goes to chill with his family . The now starts to get close. He even pulls his chair close to mine, he’s all touchy touchy trying to know me. Lemme tell you i threw his hand, i really didnt have the time to woe his ass.. His friend notices I’m a little angry and he tries to distract Mr S.

A few minutes into our little silent fight, this time maybe a little overpowered,his way of escaping this, he tells me that if its to happen it will. I mean woow the balls.. So i tell him i don’t know what you mean.. hes response ofcos, you know what i mean. Bruh I’ve never been scared..

Embrace yourself because our little escapade is ending. Mr S calls his friend that we met there.. And tells him si hii bill nmekuachia?As in at this point i was even tired of ticking my wishlist.. Girls if this is just not a sign of bazu bazu bazuu men i really don’t know. My way out is that my conversation with the friend had started being lit.

He’s left with no option but to grab my hand. I declined there’s no way with you Mr S bazuu.He’s offended at this point and the point where I’m supposed to finish my half soda not unless I’ll be left here to call a Nawi ride. We didn’t even take lunch which I was not anticipating cos things were very weird myself just wanted to get Ann away from there.

We get to the car, so if you go to any cradle like hotel, you leave your cars somewhere outside the premises, so all this way to the car Mr S friend makes me so comfortable that I forgot the piece of a man shit. He even asks if I’m comfortable and that he’ll ensure ensure i close the gate to my place in short i got home safe.

I had blocked his contacts by the time I was getting to my place. Long story short is online dating is a no for me. Knowing and having a littu similar history with similar things in it is a bit that i wouldnt want to miss in my future mans. Oh hey if you want to know what happened with Mr S’s friend is that we’re casuals on a friendship. And also someone tell my littu sister to get this cracked version of Tinder to someone else who’s not me.

As usual read, comment and share. I love you like my traditional style of getting my mans.


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Hello it's Ann Nyaboke. I am a media and communication student .I was a pre-teenager when I first read the words with my chilled childhood,and I knew I was hooked. Here is the attraction as you get inspiration on lifestyle, education and personal stories from my blogs.Love

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