Learn to be okay with people not knowing your story.

“Im telling you this is what happened ”

This is just one of those few phrases i know people use when they want to proof themselves even in coaxed stories . Sometimes when people tell us about their stories you wouldn’t believe them because you’re already choosing what to believe and what or who to side with.

So, never mind with when that happens to you. We’re not going to get into which gender that is going to gossip or spread the rumors. This said men’s gossip has turned out to be the juicier one and we’re choosing that.

In this world where people will be pointing out the fake friends that you’ve had. That you wish you’d have looked more into the red flags than actually believing what the person is showing you already.

We all have this right mind of ours that doesn’t give consent to what our hearts tells us. I mean do you imagine dumping your child bestie because of a lie that he or she told about you? You’d rather talk about it and ask for the bestie hug at the end of it. Sometimes we even cry to give the innocence box a tick.

Have you ever gotten to work only for you to here that you’ve been hooking up with your boss for a favor or huh for weeks you’ve been flirting with your project assessor or talking of a co employee reporting you for underperforming. I’m talking of a case where all these are as a result of an issue between you and the character involved.

Sometimes these cases are worse because you end up getting fired, the situation unfolding before your lecturer and now he thinks he can make you defer the semester.

These are worst of the worse things that happen to people not because they’re underperforming, not because they’ve the looks and they can actually flirt. But because no one decides to listen to their stories.

You may be revealing all that happened, but because this boss, your friends have already chosen a side to conquer with. Be it against you or the other person involved.

When we watch different shows, it’s just so hard for a lyer to get away with it. We can say its a show as much as we want but do not overlook the fact that they’re laying it out there that karma never slays when its your time to pay.

You get so tired proving yourself, trying so much to please the people who are supposed to believe you. It doesn’t matter how low youre going to bend for people who are to believe you to have your please at heart.

All I’m saying is just never bend so low where youre unwanted. Its uncalled for. They’re crucial cases like your job or your semester marks are involved. Such cases may feel like the end of the road

You can fight for yourself, you may never know what to do but just don’t be afraid to let people not know your side of the story. God knows us he knows what you’re going through and he’ll definitely lift you from where you are.


Author: anyaboke

Hello it's Ann Nyaboke. I am a media and communication student .I was a pre-teenager when I first read the words with my chilled childhood,and I knew I was hooked. Here is the attraction as you get inspiration on lifestyle, education and personal stories from my blogs.Love

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