There’s a lot of movie influence.

Have you ever gone through a depressing situation? and after you watch that movie you already got a solution from it.Well that’s how much movies affect our decision making process.

It’s my birthday month loves and I’ve to surprise you with sparingly if not enough amazing blogs.

How many of us enjoy watching movies ever since you were a kid and, embarrassingly so, still prefer watching movies to reading books.

And yes, I know exactly what most of you will be thinking after having read this sentence, believe me.

Despite books to movies topic aside, yes watching too many movies affects the way you think. Movies are subjective points of views, they are all ways of seeing the world and they all implicate certain opinions, projected through the directors, screenwriters, actors, editors… – basically, films are goggles you wear, constructed by other people and the complexity of the filters on them depends on the quality of the filmmakers. If the film is poorly constructed, you’re going to be very disoriented and left with no impression whatsoever, however, if it’s beautifully shot, interspersed with rich dialogues or monologues, you’ll be so fascinated you might not want to take these goggles off.

I’ll go ahead and tell you things I’ve observed from watching too many movies. This is a research I did days ago before I began writing this blog.

Your behavioral skills change.This one is kind of tricky, because it depends on how easily influenced you can be and what exactly in you changes without you actually taking notice.

Your pronunciation, gesturing, facial expressions can all begin to become similar to those of the characters in the movies you’re watching.

It’s the same as when someone travels to another country to study a language and returns a fluent speaker with an accent, commonly attributed to the town he/she has visited. Or when a person starts expressing him-/herself in a different way after having spent some time with a new acquaintance. The goal of a film is to immerse the viewer into an alternate reality, so it simulates a similar effect to those that I’ve just mentioned.

Your thoughts change. Depending on how much you’re going to be emotionally immersed in the movies, you are going to shift the way you see certain things.The amount varies often.

Your attention span reduces.Come on everyone of us has experienced this at one time or so. You are presented with so much information at the same time while watching a film: imagery, text, music, editing that your brain can get overwhelmed and stop combining enough information to actually pay attention and follow the plot. This, of course, varies from person to person: while some can watch an entire series without letting go of any detail possible, others can’t go through more than 2–3 episodes without feeling overloaded.

Your reality perception changes you get this one after watching even just one good movie: if the film does its job, you’ll get put a lot of mental effort and feel a little bitter after having finished the movie, because you’d be returning to your boring reality. This effect takes place usually when you’re watching dramatic movies, I guess, as they aim primarily to affect the audience’s emotions, so if that happens, you will feel a little sour having to go do the dishes after witnessing a mind blowing, laws of physics bending scene where people walk upside down in a multi-dimensional reality and shoot at each other with high-energy laser beams.

Physical damage. I mean this one if pretty obvious, but for safety’s sake, I’ll mention the following: strained eyes from constant focus on a blue-light screen, worsened postures from sitting in the same position, poor blood circulation and lowered metabolism from minimal movement.

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Hello it's Ann Nyaboke. I am a media and communication student .I was a pre-teenager when I first read the words with my chilled childhood,and I knew I was hooked. Here is the attraction as you get inspiration on lifestyle, education and personal stories from my blogs.Love

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    1. Clearly its at a personal level for someone to consider how much you’ll watch TV in mind the movie influence


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