Memes. They’re photos of people, usually  posted without permission, with added text about the photo as a caption. It’s easy to make a meme, and even easier to share or be in one. But it comes at a cost. It’s rare to find someone who wants to be turned into a meme;It could mean being internet famous, but for all the wrong reasons.
It’s not always clear why we post, or create memes. Sometimes, we might think that the memes are funny, or we can relate to the person in the photo: after all, everyone has awkward moments
Memes serve many purposes and functions, but at a basic level, they serve as an expression of people’s opinions and emotions. Memes can be formed by appropriating scenes or lines from TV shows,trending tweets,movies and recent events which are then taken out of context, mixed with other content and have new meanings attributed to them in a funny and relatable manner. Meme content can range from complaining about the hardships of being a college student, to expressing embarrassment felt during an encounter in a person’s daily life something that everyone is able to sympathise with.IMG_20180427_122747
Memes are simple, clear and explicit in their messages, and this cultural paradigm is a reflection of the mentality of modern society one that values entertainment, champions materialism, and reinforces the need felt by people to remain relevant.
Their accessibility and ability to reach a huge audience within minutes and within days, become part of the internet lexis means that memes can also be used as propaganda tools that can easily instil, and compact beliefs that quickly become popular among a cyberpunk society.
Memes don’t just cross languages either give negative unfair emotion,their relatableness also forges a feeling of belonging among certain internet users in particular age groups. Whether they’re used to vent their feelings over certain socio-political issues, or to reinforce their obsessions with prominent celebrities, memes are an easy and funny way for teenagers to communication with their friends. Indeed, the very process of propagating memes, sharing them on their social media platforms, and tagging their friends under specific meme pages has enhanced communication across the world, and has contributed to the success of globalization.

Memes are very simple to make there are apps specifically for this purpose. As a result, memes have become an easy way for people to quickly and effectively disseminate false information online, and helping to reinforce fake news.
Trending topics drive news cycles for no other reason than thousands of people engaging in an activity or using a term “Issa a news” It is a turn key cultural identity and all you need to join in is a hashtag.
Memes carry a similar weight but for a shorter period of time. They are an avenue toward releasing strong emotions and engaging online during peak periods of social interaction.It is a tactic to amplify that feeling as far as possible while aligning it with your brand.

However much we’d like to think memes are funny and how much they release strong emotions Think about the following before you post a meme;
Memes have their risks. Memes feature a constant level of self-parody. By the time a single viral image makes the rounds from its originating source to another social channel, blogs and eventually on Tmz or shade room news or pulse live Kenya or rather mpasho new’s, the joke is over. Each image created by the world’s community of content creators is open to constant ridicule and endless appropriation.
Think about the meme and what it’s trying to say. What does the text of the meme say? Is it a pun, or a joke about the person in the photo?Is it clear that the message is supposed to be funny or offensive? Does it encourage a stereotype? If so, don’t post it.How would you feel if that was you in the photo? Would you want people to post it if the photo was of you?

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